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blue whale, whale, animal

On Clarity

There is a certain clarity of mind, unique and true. I find it hits me when I am on the open road, or when the sun and wind tussle my hair and fill my soul. I last felt it on the bed of a dry lake high in the Andes. In the distance thunder boomed …

blue whale, whale, animal

On the outskirts of Manila

She laid on the bed thinking. I was rolling us a joint, sitting on the floor. We weren’t really that far apart, my bed was just a mattress on the floor. It wasn’t bad or cheap, my room was built like a traditional Japanese house so you were supposed to sleep on the floor I …

blue whale, whale, animal

250th Post

Oh now we’re really rolling, Down though the seas of mist Hearts beating with the wings of ibis Songs of cetaceans calling us on Beyond the snows and crags Far to the other side of the glaciers Where the dying rays of the sun Slip away, only to illuminate again When again the beaks of …