This is the first post on this website. This is a project that I’ve been working on for some time- or actually that I have put off doing for some time. I guess it was one of those ideas that most of us have, something that would be ‘good to do.’ In the actual execution, though, the plan falls apart and put off until it fades into the background of life. 

This site will have all manner of different writing, lots of material with little overarching organizational theme. It will be far from perfect, possibly full of mistakes, but it will be full of effort and enthusiasm for whatever that’s worth. 

I have no idea how this will go. I don’t know if this will fade into the abyss of the internet never to be found amongst the millions of pages in servers around the world, or if it will be something that changes everything. But whether this collects digital dust or not, whether I post on it for a few months or for years, fuck it- it’s worth the try. 

Today February 29th, 2020 this site is hereby inaugurated. 

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