I guess that’s always something that’s been in the background, though I don’t think of it much. 


Yeah, not literally, like background music in hallways and whatnot or muzak in all the elevators I ride in, though come to think of it I haven’t heard music in an elevator in a long time. 

When most people wear headphones it’s more of an annoyance than anything else. I think it declined as headphones came into the mainstream. 

Yeah, maybe, that seems to follow. You never know, correlation not implying causation and whatnot, maybe someone studied it. No matter, that’s not the ‘background’ relating to music I was talking about. I mean in the background of my life. I’ve always been into it, always tried to have good taste and explore more genres, fuck I listen to a new album every day. 

That seems to be pretty central to your daily life. 

You’d think. As a kid, I played the saxophone, clarinet, and violin too. School band, band with friends too.

What kind?

Ska, though I’m a bit cringed to admit it. 

Could be worse.

Could also be better. Despite that, though, I’ve never thought of myself as a ‘music guy.’ You know? Like I think I could be a literature guy or a politics guy, a history guy for sure. But I invest as much time into music as all of those if not more, I just never considered myself really fitting the music guy vibe. Not sure why though. 

Couldn’t tell you. I guess we all probably have some hidden facets of our personality that don’t shine through, no matter how passionate we might be behind closed doors or on our own. 

What’s yours?


Really? Never took you for a sports guy.

I guess I’ve always liked it. Fast-paced, fun. Never got into any other sport though and I’m not Canadian so I guess I was the only person I knew who really was interested. I kept it on the DL and never lost the habit. Even when I have friends that are into it. It’s just my solo thing. I watch the games alone and never really like it any other way. 

Wow. Interesting. Never would have taken you as a hockey guy, though I like the sound of having something that you keep to yourself. The deeper layers of the onion if you will. What’s your team?

Winnipeg Jets. I liked the Nordiques and Whalers as a kid- I had an old Sega genesis NHL game, they were my favorite teams by far. When I got into the sport and started watching it I almost swore it off when I found They’d been moved. When they brought back the Jets I became a fan as I am a fan of righting historical wrongs. If they bring back the Whalers or the Nordiques, though, I’m going with them. 

Wow, well then yeah I guess music is that way for me.

Glad to know you better, maybe we can hit a concert or a hockey game sometime. Though we haven’t been those guys before, there’s no rule that says we can’t be those guys in the future. Fuck it, we are who we want to be. 

Fuck yeah, man. Fuck yeah. 

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