The condensation ran down the side of the beer bottle. Outside the rain didn’t seem to want to let up, but who am I to know what the rain wants. The grey of the day seemed to flood into my soul and I was at a loss of what to do. I walked away from the window, over to the kitchen and looked at the coffee pot. Black fluid rolled languidly as I inspected the glass beaker. I put it down and sighed. 

I walked over to my phone and I had a missed call. This is rare, I never call a fucking soul, I’ve always been against such nonsense. I think the inability to see the person I’m talking to has always been a hangup for some part of my lower brain- displaying, as always, that it isn’t fully prepared to deal with life in the modern era. 

The call was from a friend of mine on the other side of the world. I did some quick mental math trying to figure out what timezone she was in, but the call was only a few minutes old so I decided to call her back. 

The connection hummed in its usual tone as it connected to a distant continent. 


“Yeah, hey, you called?”

“Oh Yeah! Shit! I was hoping you’d pick up, then lost hope when you didn’t. I’m so glad you called back though!” 

She sounded drunk. I smiled at the thought. I’ve always been a fan of the drunk dial, and a far from an infrequent practitioner. “What’s up girl?”

“Oh just went to a bar and was feeling lonely on my way home. It seems all my friends have left Osaka, so I was hanging out with some new people but it wasn’t the same. Just felt I need to talk to a friend, and I thought of you.” 

“I’m honored.”

“You should be.” She laughed. “On second thought, you’re a piece of shit! You left Osaka too!”

“I never lived in Osaka, we lived in Taipei together.” 

“Oh yeah, but you came here with me.” 

“For sure. Couple times.” 

“Then you had to be lame and move to Argentina.” 


“It’s not your fault. Nor theirs. Osaka is awesome, but they got good offers from jobs elsewhere. I guess it’s my fault, I really should have more than three friends.” 

“It happens, I can’t say my social roster is exactly extensive.” 

“Exactly extensive sounds like a tongue twister.” 

I laughed. “For a drunk person, yes.” 

She laughed. “How’s life there?” 


“Yeah? It’s rainy here too!”

“Hooray, we can share our seasonal depression.” 

“Sharing is caring.” 

“Perhaps. How’s Osaka, other than being lonely?” 

“Good. Fun. I went to the beach the other weekend, it was nice.” She sighed. “I miss you.” 

“I know, I miss you too.” 

“I’m almost home, but your voice made me feel much better. Thanks.” 

“No worries, glad I can help, and your voice made this grey day bright.” 

“You fucking flirt.” 

“Some tigers never change their stripes.” 

“Can you do me a favor?”

“Sure, I guess.”

“Either move the continental plates and make South America closer to Japan or move back over here.” 

“I never lived in Japan to move back to it.” 

“You know what I mean.” 

Well, I can’t comment on plate tectonics, and given Japan’s history with their machinations, I think it best to let them be. But I can consider the other option.” 

“Good, I expect to hear positive results soon.” 

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