You’re such a good listener. Most of the guys I talk to here just want to bullshit and bullshit about themselves. I mean I get it. Zoom dates are weird as fuck, but seriously it’s covid, everything is weird as fuck now. Really though it’s so nice just to have somebody just let me talk. I feel like you’ve helped me lift a major weight off my shoulders.

What? I don’t understand, you’re breaking up. It says bad connection.

Whatever, seriously, this quarantine has been getting to me and no social life? What the fuck? How are we supposed to survive this? Thanks again for agreeing for our first date, or hangout, or whatever this shit would be called is a Zoom drink sesh. I’m taking this covid shit pretty seriously. I mean you’re cuter than your pics, at least from this video and I’m down to meet up, you know maybe soon. Hell after these drinks we might have to meet up today. Fuck it, I’ve been fucking locked up too fucking long.

You’re picture is all blurry now, fucking all pixels, and I seriously can’t hear you? Just when I said you’re cute I can’t see you any more, your phone must be fucked. 

Anyways. I’ve been going stir crazy. Working from home is sweet, no make up or trying to look cute, just fucking sweat pants and my hair up in a fucking pony tail. I will say it was kinda nice to get dolled up for this. I hope you think my outfit is cute. Your smile is nice b-t-dubs, I can see it again, finally the picture is working. It’s weird I miss work and I don’t. I miss seeing the cool people, but let’s be honest there were like a couple cool people. And they were office cool, not real life cool, but its better than my roomates and their fucking cat. 

What did you say? I’m cute too? Thanks, but seriosuly this connection is fucked, you sound like a fucking robot. Maybe it’s time you upgrade that phone, what Iphone do you have? What? Don’t tell me you have android. What? I can’t make it out. 

Whatever. But Seriously. I’m in my fucking twenties, this is suposed to be prime fucking time. We should be at a bar making out on the dance floor, not fucking a fucking zoom date. Honestly with the way you are just letting me talk, we’d probably be in a cab to my place right now. 

Oh you just messaged. No I can’t really hear you. What, you’ve been trying to talk? L-O-L dude, I can’t hear shit. Like some weird sounds maybe but no questions. What were you trying to say? No I still can’t hear you. 

As I was saying I think this is going great. Best one of these I’ve had, and trust me I’ve tried to make this zoom date shit work. Fuck, that’s what it is with most guys, fucking work. I get it. TInder used to be about straight hookups, but with this Covid shit I want to make sure you aren’t some weird fucker who, like, doesn’t wear a mask or shit like that. I’m still down to meet up but, what? WTF lost connection, 

Message: Dude get a new phone LOL, or better yet just come over. Fuck covid, let’s have a real drink (Wink Emoji)

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