The light of a beautiful beast, 

Is reflected like pebbles 

Fallen as dew 

From the dripping lips 

Of the full moon

Under the soaring arc

Of ways milky

And geosynchronous cameras

Pointed to gaze deeply

On the heavens above and our hell below

We below stand 

Looking up in awe

At the vast vault above

Austral lights twinkle

In this less populated hemisphere

Smooth beats use waves

To travel silently to a grey speaker

Before being turned audible

And warming our hearts with bass

Chilled by the violent winds sweeping down the cordilleras

I weep the tears 

Washing down from the firmament

No Longer the abode of diamonds 

Nor giants and animals

Though awe-inspiring nevertheless

I so deprived of this vista

By a life spent 

Sequestered in the cities of man

Away from such dark places

Awash in mercury vapor light

I, unlike my ancestors

Humans back to the dawn

Of what we call ‘us’

Choosing a star in the sky

And calling it my own

Never seeing that special one

One that I look upon every night

As a constant friend

My point of orientation

My personal light

I feel disconnected from my people

The people who walked this planet

Generations before I

Though whose blood and genes and history

I have in my very bones

Perhaps all this civilization

All our pretty cities

Our lights, planes and submarines cables

Have denied us the most basic human experience

One that predates our species

To gaze upon the void and feel not fear

But home. 

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