The odd instrument sat in the corner looking exotic and at least slightly ominous. I stared at it with my head tilted, almost subconsciously looking like a confused cat. I took another puff on the roach and tried to figure out what the fuck it was. It looked like two guitars had been slapped together and stuck in the bottom with a cord. 

She came out of the bathroom and I asked about the weird instrument. An electric Therobo she commented quickly. She explained that she was in a band, a guitar, a bass, a therobo, drums, a singer, the standard line up. They were all the rage, she insisted- she seemed confused I hadn’t heard of one, I was confused she had. I asked if she could strum out some tunes. She smiled and explained she needed some new strings. I made a joke that I had left my Sitar at home. Her face lit up, oh she exclaimed, my band was looking to add a sitar, you’d be perfect. I again cocked my head to the side, na, I’m kidding I enunciate slowly, I think my sarcasm was lost on her, seems that my sense of humor wasn’t playing well, but she smiled at me and set the world right. 

She set about rolling a new joint,  her oversized t-shirt hanging off her left shoulder. I loved that look on girls. I think I first saw it revealing the beautiful shoulder of the cheerleader chick on Saved by the Bell when I was a kid and have been a fan ever since. She looked beautiful in her dressed down state. Her hair looked best in a sloppy ponytail, whisps playing around her face as she looked down, concentrating on her work. Her shorts, too, were loose enough to be comfortable, I’d suppose, but tight enough to show off the beautiful curve of her ass. 

I told a few funny stories and she laughed, she looked up from her joint rolling to smile and laugh, every time she’d big her lip after and my mind would turn to mush. She finished rolling and held the joint up to lick one last time. This time she locked eyes with me and ran her tongue up the length of the joint. It was insanely sexy and I laughed for lack of a better response, I guess high and awkward results in laughs in such moments. She laughed too, simultaneously showing her sexy side, and her ability to laugh at herself. I’ve been told she is said to be one of the most beautiful women alive, and this is the moment I see that proved true, though I think it was exclusively for me. How lucky I was to behold such a sight. I couldn’t help but smile. 

She started to light the joint but said “oh” and her eyes got big. We need a soundtrack for this jeezy she exclaimed hopping up, unlit joint still between her lips. She hopped over to the record shelf, any requests she called back to me, something smooth, but a little funky, just like you she said with a laugh. She picked an original “A-ha” album, not sure if that’s a complement towards me or not. I cocked my head again and laughed as “Take on me” came from the speakers. She danced a little to the opening lines and motioned for me to throw her the lighter. She caught it with more skill than she usually does, pumped her fist with a laugh and lit the joint. She laughed, I did too, and the sound of our peels of laughter, along with 80s music seeped out through the windows, out into the winter winds outside. 

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