There is a cactus that shares a desk with me. Together we watch the rain lashing against the window. The mid afternoon downpour hasn’t lost any of its fury, even after a solid hour. At the base of the window small streams of water trickle in, flow down off the ledge, and down the wall. It pools on the floor under the cactus’ and my desk. The early Fall chill seeps in as the day slowly marches forward. 

My coffee is strong and bitter as I watch the rain in silence with the cactus. We both enjoy the chill and the moisture, or well I do, can’t imagine this is the type of weather that really suits a cactus. If it was sentient I would imagine it would marvel at such a weather event, it would share stories of the desert that it called home and how something like this would be a once in a lifetime event- though one that was far more destructive than pleasant. It would be awesome in the original sense, and I have no doubt the cactus would be in awe as the pampa was soaked with clouds that roll from here off towards the Andes far in the west, then up into the fertile lands of the north. 

We’ve watched many such storms together, sitting in silence watching the drops streak down the pane and if it’s strong enough, flow in and pool underneath us. 

I once read that to play country music one only needs a guitar and the truth. I feel these moments of thunder punctuated silence are some of the truest moments of life, though I don’t have a guitar with which to sing the truth I see. I only have a vaguely dick looking cactus I project my feelings and personality upon, to hear my silent assignations. 

I can’t help but smile, though, as the coffee fogs my glasses then joins the cactus on my desk. These days of quiet reflection, be there here on the banks of the Rio de la Plata or in the jungles of Southeast asia or feet above the din of Mahim Junction station in the steaming heart of Heptamia, be they with or sans cacti have been some of the important moments of life. Moments when I, in my solitude, find moments of peace. 

The hours will click by as the the planet rotates, the days too as we continue our elliptical voyage around the sun. In this moment, though, life is held in a pregnant pause, as if life holds its breath during such rain, pausing ’till dark clouds give way to clear skies and fair winds. I, though, relish these moments alone with the cactus on my desk, my quiet moments of sharing peace with a fellow creature of the universe. Different as we are, we are fellow voyagers on this azure spaceship, we even share some DNA. It’s nice to spend some time with my distant cousin, even if it is a bit prickly. 

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