In silent saunters

And in deep azure glow

The stars drift above the gentle, lapping waves

On the time worn beach neutrons fall

Fired out and well traveled

Upon these sylvan shores

Lost to time, though exalted by man

Guide to our lost wonderings

Guardian of our saccharine dreams 


Beneath my cone burdened baughs

The water of four thousand snowmelts

Thunder past in their seasonal, ebbing tide

Just beyond the sipping straws of my roots

The water slowly takes its gritty tole upon the granite

With each lick and wash taking the river bed deeper

Away from my verdant needles and cracking bark

To the glory of the sun and the weight of the snow

I have dedicated my patient growth

In the kind company of fungi and lichen 

I have passed my millenia 

Upon this rock I stand, withered and old

But youthful in my sylvian journey 


Glaciers thunder in cascading triumph

An angelic symphony from on high

Sounding froth from the trumpets and horns

Of ice enthroned upon volcanic caldera 

From the punishing rays of the sun

Resplinant with gamma rays and heat

The notes of destruction are harmonized and honed

Until in orgasmic harmony melody flows forth

Smashing upon the cymbals of rock

And echoing down the sonorous valley

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