She lies on her bed

distant and beautiful

Her head rests on my old pillow

hair cascading down 

silky and black

Her almond eyes move

following images across the screen

deep and brown

eye which once

bored deep into my soul

The sheets hug her body

holding each curve close

As I once held her

each curve against mine

our warmth shared

In her heart, I’m told I dwell

As in that room we once shared

but distance divides

cold winds blast my windows

In absence does fondness grow?

Grit and sand stir

carried on the wind 

up into the sky outside my room 

through the radiator’s hiss

cold loneliness seeps in

My heart goes to her

a dog to its master 

across the plain

through hill and vale

over contested strait 

Into her, I commend my soul 

for in her, I am made glorious

in her reflection, I am magnified

with her love, I am exulted

together we stand resplendent

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