The radio was playing the weirdest shit. Some strange tunes that seem to repeat. I swear they only have 3 songs, albeit long ones, that keep playing on repeat. Everytime I hear the cycle repeat I look at the radio increasingly more perplexed. 

An hour later when she came home I relayed the story to her raised eyebrow. She shrugged it off and assumed the pot had got to me and I was hearing things, that or it was some band that had a sound and the radio was playing their discography. 

She looked at the radio after putting away the groceries. “Yeah,” she said after hearing the song that poured out into the empty room, “I think you might be on to something. Those last two songs seem really similar, perhaps not the same, but very close.” 

“I’m telling you,” I said, preparing to roll a joint- which I figured would either solve the problem or make it so I didn’t care. 

We smoked with our ears fixed on the speakers and the sound that they emitted, trying to see if we were losing our minds or if they really were playing the same songs. “Maybe the DJ passed out or something like that. Maybe they quit and left the station on repeat mode.” She said with a hint of worry. “Maybe they made a playlist that would run while they went to take a shit or something, but they had to really drop anchor and the playlist just repeats ‘till they get back.” 

Suddenly a commercial burst in mid song. We both flinched as the spacy, mellow mood was shattered by a preposterously upbeat commercial for a car dealership. We looked at each other with quizzical looks, minds full of confusion. At the end, the commercial started again from the top. She looked at me and mouthed what the fuck. I just nodded. 

When the commercial ended its second run, the original song picked up exactly where it had left off. I tried to think as clearly as I could, trying to reason what was going on. I passed her the joint and asked to verify that she too had heard those loud, overly enthusiastic commercials. She nodded taking the joint, “Yeah I’m glad you asked,” she articulated in a slow thoughtful voice, “I had the same thought. But if you think it happened and I think it happened, it must have happened.” She shifted her gaze from the radio to me. Our eyes met for a second until she closed hers when she took a toke. She always closed her eyes when she took a big rip, it was something endearing I really liked about her. “Maybe we should call the station,” she said blowing out a mighty cloud. “Can we?” I asked in honest confusion. 

We googled the radio station, but nothing came up. Not even a wikipedia page showing that such a station ever existed. “What the fuck?” we both muttered under our breath. “Do we have a phone book?” I wondered out loud, “maybe there’s a number in there.” “Fuck, who even has one of those anymore” she answered seriously. 

The radio still played as we returned our gaze to the speakers. We sat there for a moment, minds trying to piece together the situation, to explain the inexplicable. Then we looked at each other and burst out laughing. Of all the weird shit that could happen to all the weird people, this happened to us. 

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