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blue whale, whale, animal

Concrete Canyonlands

I descended the stairs, down from the high platform level of the train station. The trains let you off at least ten stories up and the city below seemed almost melow in the purple hues of the setting sun. As I descended I began to be immersed in the chaos below, now lit by the …

blue whale, whale, animal

Streets Named For Writers

In stepping stride I walk the same streets My foreign countenance in your native place My unaccustomed eyes Blinded by the mercury glow of the streetlights Your voice echos off canyons of concrete And your verse winds through balconies In the cool evening breeze of a waning summer I follow the fleeting scent of your …

blue whale, whale, animal

Dystopia Forest

I love cities. Perhaps it’s a cringe, a product of growing up in a small one. My hometown, Kansas City, is a city. It’s in the name for fuck’s sake- but only barely so. The metro area barely tops two million and it has a decidedly provincial air. The sort of place that takes pride …