It’s a real sham, fuck I’d say it’s a damn shame if I was inclined to speak in such a manner. I just can’t get over the way he sings with his accent. It just sounds like he can’t fucking speak the language properly. Perhaps it plays in honkey tonks, maybe it got him a record deal in Nashville or pussy in Lubeck, but Christmas songs aren’t the place for a fucking twang.

Dude, mellow out, can I point out that I’m the only native English speaker here, and it doesn’t bother me.

I thought you hated Southern accents. 

I absolutely do, but the guys got a good set of pipes. I will agree it sounds distinct enough to be recognizable as a strong twang, but I guess I don’t really chafe at it. I’m also super blazed after that last joint and this mulled wine is making me feel fine, so I don’t really have many fucks to give.

More like mullet wine given the tunes

Well played. 

It’s just this. I don’t give a fuck about accents. When I talk everyone knows I’m a woman from my voice, and they can probably place me as foreign, though most people think I’m British, which is kinda annoying, but I guess I sort of am. That whole colonialism thing. If I sang, though, I’d try to minimize it as much as possible, where possible. But I have no doubt it’d still shine through.

So like this guy.

No, that’s the thing. It sounds affected. Yes, to preempt you I get that as a Hong Konger my received-esque pronunciation is also an affectation to a degree. This cocksucker, though, is turning up the twant for what exactly? This isn’t some bar with cowboy hats and line dancing. This is fucking Oh Holy Night. It’s a classic, and while I’m cool with taking your twist on shit and singing it your way, you have to have some respect for the source material. 

I guess.

It really doesn’t bother you. Some of those words don’t just stick out in a bizarre way?

I mean yes, sort of. I hear them. They do sound weird. I’ll even give you that the way he sounds does sound like he doesn’t know how to quite articulate his words in a native manner, which is odd as he is totally a native English speaker. And if it’s an affectation, whatever. I also don’t get why you’d do that. I don’t see the appeal of turning up the twang, but I’m also just some jerkoff, so maybe it plays real well in certain areas, particularly the twangy regions. 

So you agree it is weird.

Yeah sure. A bit off, but nothing that really chaps my ass. 

Well considered my tush in need of balm. 

Remind me to make sure you don’t confuse my lip balm with ass balm. First cause its peppermint which might be weird on the booty, perhaps nice, but more likely a bit too spicy for a sensitive area. Second, cause, you know, after it touches your ass, not sure I want it to touch my lips. 

As some one who kisses you I concur. 

Glad we finally agree on something. 

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